Sausalito (Day 64)

It was a blue sky and fluffy white clouds day today. The wind came in strong yesterday afternoon and blew away the remaining muck, leaving the air crystal clear. Kevin and I drove over to Sausalito to check out Swede Beach, which was on Colleen’s list of possible swim destinations. Otherwise, I never would have known about it. In all of my ventures to Sausalito over the last thirty years, I’ve never seen it. When we arrived, I could see why. It is at the end of a narrow street down a steep set of rickety wooden stairs.

At the bottom is a sweet sandy beach with spectacular views.

The bay was glittering, speckled with sailboats and kayaks.

I waded in with some trepidation; it was my first venture into an unfamiliar part of the bay on my own (Kevin was staying on the beach). I hadn’t even talked to anyone who’s swum here (I’m not even sure if Colleen has done so or if it’s on her list as a place she wants to in the future) or read about anyone swimming here. So, as I crept in up to my thighs, then waist, then glided out, I couldn’t stop the nagging doubts, is it okay to swim here?

Mostly I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of currents and so I took it slow and stayed close to shore. The water was refreshing, but not too cold, warmer (it seemed) than the bulb. It helped that the sun was blazing down on me and only a light breeze was rustling in the air. As my body acclimated to the push and pull of the tides, I grew more confident and settled into a lovely swim.

I did worry from time to time that a seal was going to come and join me, but luckily none did. I swam to the end of the cove where I encountered two other swimmers just getting in at another beach. I was delighted to meet them and we spent some time chatting where I learned they swim here several times a week. That melted away any lingering doubt about the wisdom of swimming here and I enjoyed my swim back even more. 

Kevin being an attentive lifeguard

Afterward, Kevin and I went to see the Bay Model. Created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Bay Model is a working hydraulic model of the entire San Francisco Bay and Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta System.

Visiting the Bay Model is something we’ve vaguely talked about doing for years, but I’m glad we waited until now. With Kevin’s sailing and my swimming, it meant more to us now than it would have when we first heard about it. Slowly I’m beginning to piece together a rudimentary understanding of this vast water system on which I depend. 

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