Quick Dip (Day 101)

I don’t think my immersion in water today counts as a swim even under my most generous definition of that term. I woke up early again and decided I felt well enough to swim and headed to the Albany Bulb in the pre-dawn when I could do so in solitude. 

It started raining as I drove down and when I arrived the winds were whipping. I quickly changed and hurried down to the water, getting in before I could give it a second thought. It was as wild as it gets at the bulb.

The water was dark, waves were cresting, clouds roiling. It felt divine and under normal circumstances, this kind of wildness at the bulb, which feels safe and familiar, is like a day at the amusement park for me. But it was dark and early, and I started freaking myself out. While yesterday the Albany Bulb was nearly empty, I could still see some dog walkers in the far distance. But with the spattering rain and howling wind, today I was completely alone. Which is a good thing vis-a-vis Covid, but wasn’t good for my imagination conjuring up monsters and menaces. Maybe it’s because my friend, Laura, recommended I watch Pieces of Her on Netflix when I complained about being bored yesterday (that show is scary!). In any case, I got in the water, took some pictures, and then scooted back to the car.

2 thoughts on “Quick Dip (Day 101)

  1. I almost went today, but I woke so sore after a super active weekend, 2.5 swim miles, 8 biking miles, and new PT exercises that actually feel like exercise! Even though the water always eases the aches I opted for a lazy day. If it was sunny I may have made it down, but the cold, damp, gray skies pushed me back to bed.

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