Sunrise with Colleen (Day 103)

Colleen joined me for my early morning sunrise swim today. I was happy to see her and to have company (albeit very far apart) after so many solitary swims. Except for the two of us, the beach was empty when we arrived, the sky just beginning to brighten. The bay, serenely calm, seemed to glow. 

We inched our way into water a little colder than yesterday (57); first reluctantly, then with enthusiasm as the invigorating goodness of the cold sunk into my skin. 

Because I wasn’t alone I ventured away from the shore today and it felt good to be further out in the bay, especially with everything so quiet and peaceful, the day just waking up.

The water was silky and held a million different colors of light as the sun climbed over the hills.

We swam for nearly 40 minutes, which was the longest I’ve swum since I was at Fallen Leaf Lake. A crack in the door, a little glimpse at normalcy.

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