Early Morning Reset (Day 151)

It was a low tide and smoggy skies kind of a swim this morning. I met up with Colleen, Angie, and Sheila at 6:15 at the Albany Bulb and the city was a murky smear in the distance. What a difference from the vivid, sharp lines and blue skies of the last couple of days.  But, like so often seems to be the case, the drabbest of days look weirdly lovely through the lens of a camera.

We set out slowly, chatting and gliding our way beyond The Big Tree. It was a peaceful swim; calming. It felt like I was resetting my nervous system after a weekend of lots of activity.

We stopped and basked in the sunshine for a bit.

Then I put my head down and swam harder on the way back in. At least until the tide got so low that swimming became challenging. Then I shimmied along as far as possible before giving up and trudging through the muck. 

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