Refreshing (Day 152)

I met up with Gabe and Arwen after my Lift and Sprint class. Class was hard this morning, the sun beating down on us and radiating off the asphalt where we exercise. I left extremely hot and sweaty and eager to get into the cool bay. Some days going from my class to my swim seems a bit much, but today it was perfect. 

The tide was very low again, though not quite as low as yesterday. The temperature was lovely and the water seemed clearer than yesterday, energetic and fresh.

Gabe, Arwen, and I had a relaxing swim out to…hmmm…now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t remember where we swam. I guess it was a morning where the destination didn’t matter.

We swam until we started to get chilly and then we had a nice swim back; the tide coming in and the small waves pushing us back to shore. 

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