Home Again (Day 159)

Back to my home waters this morning and it felt great. I’ve been on a backpacking trip for the last three days swimming naked in gorgeous lakes (blog posts to come). It was an incredible trip, but even as I swim in waters more beautiful than the Albany Bulb, the San Francisco Bay feels like home and there’s no place like home. 

I woke up early and decided to go for a solo swim before I had to drive Eliza to work. Actually, I tried to wrangle Colleen, but she already had a swimming plan, so I set out on my own. It was a bit wavy and windy, but very warm (both the water and the air). It felt wonderful to be back in the bay and I was immediately rewarded by a huge squadron of pelicans.

I basked in that gloriousness for a while and then stuck my head down and swam to The Big Tree.

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