Glad for Another Day in the Bay (Day 160)

I’m out of words for today’s swim. I used them all to catch up on the blog posts I missed while backpacking. Most of them anyway. Here are a few:

Silky and warm, the water rippled with energy, but not waves. Squadrons of pelicans flew overhead.

The sun shone, clouds fluffed, and the air was hazy; the city and bridge obscured in a blurry dullness. Colleen and Angie went in one direction, Kim and I in another. We swam to The Big Tree.

At one point a strong fishy smell infused my nostrils and my heart sped up as I decided it must mean a seal was nearby. It wasn’t. Or not that I saw anyway. I kept swimming, feeling good in the water, good in my body. Glad for another swim at the Albany Bulb.

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