A Goodbye (for now) Swim (Day 161)

It was my last swim with Angie before we go off on our separate summer adventures; the last swim for Arwen, Sheila, Angie, and I all together. We arrived at the Albany Bulb at 7 and it was already as hot as a typical mid-day in the Bay Area. The water felt bath-water warm (also very dirty and litter-strewn) and I checked the thermometer: 70 degrees! A record high for my swims. 

We glided out and, luckily, it was much less mucky just a bit away from the shore. In fact, it was quite clear. The water was silky and calm; undulating sheets of light and color, like a river of liquid silver.

We swam and talked, floated and dove. It was a day for playing and relaxing and relishing the beauty of the bay, the company of each other.  

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