Swimming then Road Tripping (Day 162)

I’m writing this at the end of a long day spent mostly in the car, driving along Interstate 5 from San Francisco to San Diego in temperatures topping 100 degrees. It was a slog punctuated by a joyful reunion with my extended family at the end and beginning with a delightful swim at the Albany Bulb. 

I met up with Sheila, Arwen, and a few of the 8 o’clock regulars: Marcia, Wendy, and Susan. Most of the 8 o’clock crew was having a swim adventure in Tomales Bay; a trip I was sad to miss, but which my road trip would not accommodate. I couldn’t be too sad, though. The bulb was beautiful this morning. The silky water much like yesterday if a bit more energetic. For much of my swim out to The Big Tree, I took long, leisurely strokes, allowing the gentle waves to rock me side to side until I practically felt like I could fall asleep.

Then I realized I had to drive hundreds of miles today and admonished myself for being so leisurely. I swam back with greater purpose. At one point I met up with Marcia and tried my best to keep up with her. It wasn’t easy!

As I’ve already learned from previous trips, a swim is an excellent way to start a road trip. It leaves me refreshed and relaxed, ready for the hours of sedentary discomfort that await. 

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