Home Again Home again Jiggedy Jig (Day 170)

It was wonderful to be back home in the briny, greenish waters of the Albany Bulb this morning where there are no waves to torment me. I met up with Arwen, Sheila, and Colleen and a squadron of pelicans flew over as we were getting in just to welcome me back.

When I woke up at my usual 5:30 this morning it was with a pang of sadness to not be joining my cousin for coffee and an adventure, but my missing of my family was eased by the company of my fabulous swimming buddies as I bobbed and chatted and swam out to The Big Tree. 

It’s Father’s Day today, a complicated day for so many, including dear Sheila who lost her dad a few months ago. But he was with her on her swim today and let her know by sending a (stick) cigar floating her way.

Just another reminder that the water is magic. It’s my last week before heading away for the summer and I plan to soak in every single day.

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