So Many Pelicans (Day 171)

Sheila and I swam at the Albany Bulb today in silky water, under semi-smoggy skies with wispy clouds and endless squadrons of Pelicans. We put our heads down and solidly swam out to The Big Tree.

It felt good.

On the way back we took our time, mostly chatting and floating and moseying along. We marveled at the Pelicans; their sheer number and also at how different they look from the old guy I saw in San Diego. I guess these are young Pelicans; they are lighter in color and their wings aren’t so scraggly. They seem less prehistoric, more graceful. 

Somehow I didn’t manage a picture of any of the numerous squadrons that flew over head

It took only twice as long to get back from The Big Tree as it did to get to it, which made us laugh. We certainly felt like we were working much more than twice as hard.

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