Misty Morning (Day 174)

I swam with Gabe (whose birthday it was!) this morning at the Albany Bulb. It was a misty morning and when I arrived the 8 o’clock swimmers were just going out; a picture of colorful, bright swim gear against the gray land and sea. 

Gabe was going wetsuit-less for the first time and I was hoping the water would still be warm, despite the wind and fog. It was. 

The fog drifted in and out over the course of our swim, the wind whipped, and the waves rolled. The mist was beautiful, but when I tried to take pictures of it in the direction of the sun, the reflection off my phone case did weird things.

We swam out to The Big Tree, chatting and playing in the surf.

The waves might have even been bigger today than yesterday: fun, rolling waves that splashed and tossed us around on our way out and rode us all the way back to shore on our way in. 

By the time we got back in, the fog had lifted.

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