Goodbyes and WTFs (Day 175)

This morning was my last swim in the bay until August. The Albany Bulb sent me off with a wild last ride through crazy waves, fog that rolled in and out, and blustery winds.

The waves felt an especially fitting goodbye since I will be spending the next six weeks swimming in a (mostly) tranquil lake. Arwen, Sheila, Colleen, and Kira were my gang today and I felt sad to say goodbye, already missing my routines, my community, the wildness of the bay. 

I was all set to write about the goodbye in my blog this morning, my sentimental tendency to resist change until its already happened, but then I sat down to my computer and learned that while I was swimming Roe was overturned and now I’m sitting here in furious disbelief. Disbelief, even though we knew it was coming, even though they told us it was coming. 


I can’t quite believe I live in a country where a woman’s fundamental right to choose what she does with her own body has been taken away. As Jill Filipovic described in her newsletter today, I am incandescent with rage. 

It’s hard to write about swimming.

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