Coach Hazel (Day 181)

Another Adult Swim day. As I mentioned in my last post about Adult Swim, this is where I first learned to properly swim under the guidance of an everchanging series of teens and young adults who make up the Lake Louisa Social Club staff each summer.

When I started doing Adult Swim, my own kids were tiny and the staff who were coaching our swims seemed pretty old to me. They certainly knew a lot more than I did and I was very happy to learn from them. As the years have gone by and my kids edged closer to the age of the staff, eventually becoming staff themselves, they all seemed a lot younger but no less knowledgeable and my eagerness to learn from them has never waned.

This year my Adult Swim coach is Hazel. It’s adorable and awesome. 

Today she was working with her bestie, Sam (himself an amazing swimmer), and they gave us a fun and challenging 2,000-meter workout, which I just barely managed to finish in the allotted time. I felt good, the water was cool and clear; the sky was sunny and the clouds were spectacular.

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