Looking for the Loon (Day 182)

I woke early to the mournful sound of a loon calling across the lake and jumped out of bed. I want to swim with the loon!

Before I was fully awake I was standing at the water’s edge, listening to the chittering and chirping of the birds, the gentle lap of the water against the wooden dock. The air felt warm and damp, the water chilly as I dove in. 

I swam across the quiet bay, sticking close to the shore because even though it was quiet, early mornings are also a favorite time for the water skiers on the lake. No motors marred the peaceful scene, though. I was all alone in the slightly rippling water. I swam to the other side of Twin Island, stopping periodically to listen for the loon.

I heard lots of birds, but not the loon.

While she didn’t grace me with her presence, I’m glad she roused me from my bed and out into the water because nothing beats an early morning swim. 

One thought on “Looking for the Loon (Day 182)

  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. I look forward to a daily read about Jenny and water and nature to relax me for a bit.


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