Underwater (Day 190)

I woke up early and decided to start my day with a swim, feeling grateful that I can make that decision and be in the water two minutes later. It takes only as long as the time to pull on my bathing suit and stumble outside. 

A chilly breeze ushered me into the cool water, rippling slightly. I felt like I had the lake to myself as I hugged the shoreline. I wanted to swim solidly and so I didn’t stop to look around very often—pausing to take pictures only twice.

But, there is so much to see under the water here, especially swimming along the shore. Fish dart in and out of the long green water plants which flow and wiggle in the gentle currents; rocks upon rocks pile up like building blocks covered in fuzzy, brown moss; branches from felled trees crop up unexpectedly and I have to dodge and weave my way through them; the thin stems of lily pads get caught in my fingers like fine hairs. It’s a busy world down there; much more visible than the murky depths of my usual San Francisco Bay swimming spots. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to work out how to take pictures underwater (my phone works through its case outside of the water, but not in), so you’ll have to take my word for it for now.

I swam over to Karen’s house and back again—1.5 miles in all. It was a lovely way to start the day. 

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