Lazy Sunday (Day 191)

It was a lounge-around kind of lazy Sunday where all I wanted to do was read my book in various locations around the house and yard. I didn’t want to swim. 

I did it, though. Not very far or vigorously, but after arguing with myself for half the day, I finally jumped in. The water was bathwater warm on top and cool underneath, which may be the most difficult temperature of all to get used to. The cold water never stops feeling cold because you are simultaneously constantly experiencing the warm top layer. I heard someone who was swimming a couple of houses over say that it was colder than yesterday and so I plunged my thermometer into the deeper water to see if that was true. It wasn’t. It was just that the surface water was so much warmer than yesterday, which trick our bodies into thinking the cooler water is colder. Bodies are weird. 

It was a relatively busy boat day on the lake and so I kept to my side of the bay, close to shore and swam a few laps back and forth. I took some videos of my underwater view. It was an easy, relaxing swim and, as always, I’m glad I did it.  

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