Swimming to the Club (Day 192)

For today’s natatorial adventure I decided to swim over to the club for a yoga class. I put my clothes and a towel inside my dry bag and asked Isabelle to bring me a yoga mat. I didn’t know how long it would take (or how far it was); I guessed a little over a mile, but less than two, and decided to give myself an hour. But I started to get nervous and set off fifteen minutes early. 

Even though the lake was quiet on this Monday morning, I hugged the shore to be safe, which meant setting off in the opposite direction from the club. Weaving my way between the rocks and felled trees, I swam solidly around my bay and over into the next bay. By the time I got to Karen’s house, I had been swimming for 35 minutes and began to worry that I’d never make it in time. I veered from the shore and cut across the back end of the bay to speed things up. I also made a concerted effort to swim faster. But by the time I rounded into the next bay, I saw the club and realized I didn’t have much further to go. Good thing because when I swam past the Wight’s dock, Moni, Glen, and Maddox (and cutest-dog-in-the-universe Magnus) were all out enjoying the morning and I couldn’t help but stop and say hi.

After chatting for a while I realized I really was going to miss yoga if I didn’t skedaddle and I hurried the rest of the way to the club, arriving at yoga just in time for Natalie’s awesome class. 

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