Practicing my Strokes (Day 202)

Another day of Adult Swim.

I spend most of my time these days swimming front crawl and so I decided to take advantage of the Adult Swim drills to work on my other strokes. When there was an option to choose our strokes, I tried to choose something besides front crawl.

I don’t feel especially competent at any of the other strokes, but I do enjoy them. Butterfly is a wonderful burst of heart-pounding adrenaline. I can’t keep it up for very long, and my technique is probably garbage, but it’s a lot of fun. The backstroke might be my favorite if it weren’t for all of the water up my nose and the fact that I can’t see when I’m going to bang into the wall. The stroke itself I love and looking up at the clouds while swimming is wonderful.

Breaststroke is the most relaxing, but it hurts my knees a bit (less so these days). I am also very, very slow at it, which is sometimes fine, but sometimes annoying. Out of curiosity, I googled the benefits of the different strokes and learned that backstroke can help improve your posture by opening up the chest muscles and strengthening the upper back and lats. As a lifelong sloucher, I think adding more backstroke into my life is a good idea. 

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