Visiting with Friends (Day 203)

Kevin and I played pickleball in the morning and then went to yoga: a busy day by Lac Louisa standards. I was on the couch reading my book, wondering how I was going to muster up the energy to swim when Isabel came over and said Karen was looking for a visit (she’s at home with sick kids). Swimming plan sorted! 

With Isabel in the kayak, I didn’t have to worry about boats and so we cut straight across the bay instead of hugging the shore like I usually do. This cut the trip to Karen’s in half. It was a lovely swim under a beautiful, fluffy-cloud sky. The sun periodically shot through the water and made the forest underneath me glow; little fish darting in and out of the swaying green tendrils.

Hi Karen and Poppy!

We had a short, but very sweet visit with Karen and Poppy, and then I swam back home with Isabel in the kayak guiding my way.

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