Lunch Date (Day 213)

I was supposed to go to yoga at the club this morning and Karen offered to feed me if I came by her house after. For a variety of reasons I didn’t make it to yoga and so I decided to swim over to Karen’s instead. 

I set off on what is now my usual path; around my bay, close to the shore. It’s hot today and it’s also a holiday in Ontario, so there were many boats on the lake and I kept especially close to the shore, watching the fish dart in and out of the weeds as I swam along. 

At one point I looked up to see another pink head approaching. It was Karen! We stopped to take a picture of our perfect twinning: pink caps, pink buoys, and even the same blue, Costco swimsuit. 

Then we swam on to Karen’s house where we had a delicious scramble and then sat in the dappled sun of her deck. I am really going to miss being able to swim over to my friends’ houses when I go home next week.

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