Back to the Bulb (Day 221)

It was a beautiful morning to return to the Albany bulb; even better to swim with Sheila, Arwen, and Colleen.

By all reports, it’s been a wild and windy summer in the bay, but this morning the water was calm; the light glowing golden and the city in the distance framed by purple-gray clouds. 

The moment I got into the water,  a squadron of pelicans flew overhead as if welcoming me back. I marveled at this remarkable place, so different from the lake– busy and loud; big; nature woven into the urban landscape—but just as beautiful. 

The water felt glorious; silky ribbons carrying me along. My illness persists and I felt like crap, so I took it easy, which worked well for catching up with my lovely friends and feasting my eyes on my gorgeous surroundings. 

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