Swimming with a Cold (Day 220)

The cold that has been nipping at my heels the last two days settled in for real today. I’ve been hacking and sniffling and sneezing and feeling like garbage all day. Multiple Covid tests continue to tell me it’s not that and I don’t really feel like I felt in April when I had Covid (if that means anything), but I guess common colds are still a thing and now I have one. I spent most of the day drinking liquids, making and consuming chicken soup, and watching crocheting tutorials, but by mid-afternoon, I knew I had to go for a swim. Luckily Arwen was happy to join me and we met at the Berkeley Marina.

The skies were bright and sunny, the bay glittering like it was woven through with jewels. The wind was also whipping and all the wind-powered vessels were out on the water, flying around like oversized birds scouring the water’s surface for fish. There was also a gaggle of kids on kayaks and plenty of runners, walkers, and bikers along the shore. I love how festive the Berkeley Marina feels on a sunny day. 

Arwen and I slipped into all of this action, swimming along the edge to avoid getting run over by windsurfers. The water was wild and wavy, but also warm and lovely. We alternated between taking it easy and swimming harder out to HS Lordships and the splendid view of San Francisco and her bridges.

At that beautiful point where we can look out toward the ocean and the waves are at their most boisterous, we paused to frolic and play.  Then we let the waves carry us back to the dock. 

I felt physically better during the 45 minutes I was in the water today than at any other time; my cold symptoms seemed to melt away into the bay while I was swimming (unfortunately they returned soon after). It was the same way when I had Covid and it makes me think about all of the ways in which water has been seen as a source of healing throughout history and across cultures. It’s something I want to explore more. Though not right now. Now I want to go to bed. 

2 thoughts on “Swimming with a Cold (Day 220)

  1. Great blog Now go to bed

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