A Very Long Day (Day 219)

Today feels like it’s lasted at least a year. We woke up at 4:10 am Quebec time (1:10 CA time) and headed to the airport for a long day of travel. Hazel and I had minimal delays, but Eliza was stuck in various airports for hours upon hours (she’s still in the air as I write this fifteen hours after her first flight was scheduled to depart). It was good to be home, but my house was a mess, so instead of relaxing, I cleaned, vacuumed, and threw a criminal amount of rotten food into the compost bin. Plus I have a cold (or Covid, but all the tests say not). When all I wanted to do was crawl into my (unmade) bed and go to sleep, I went off to Keller Beach to meet Arwen for a swim instead.

What a good idea that was! 

Seeing Arwen’s smiling face is an antidote to any bad mood and the bay was glistening in the bright sunshine; Keller beach buzzing with life.

The moment I got into the water, I felt even better; refreshed and revived. It was a beautiful thing to be back in the salty, energetic bay.

Arwen and I stayed in for 45 minutes or so, sometimes swimming, sometimes floating and chatting.

Today was another win for the year-of-swimming because I never would have gone for a swim if it weren’t for the challenge and it made such a difference in my day to have done so.   

2 thoughts on “A Very Long Day (Day 219)

  1. You are amazing! I would have crawled into that bed and slept after your 15 + hour travel + housework. Instead, you go swimming and find it refreshing.


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