Last Swim (Day 218)

The last last swim at Lac Louisa today. I woke up early this morning after not enough sleep, a pile of chores in front of me to get our house cleaned and packed up, and decided to swim before I did anything else. 

The day was already warm, the water calm. I waded in, dawdling for a few minutes before braving the full immersion.

Is this water cold? I checked my thermometer: 74 degrees.

Not cold. I’ve gotten soft. My swim back in the bay tomorrow is going to be a shock!

But for today I enjoyed one last luxurious glide around the bay in the silky, clean water of Lac Louisa. I swam close to the shore, listening to the loon, watching the birds, including a beautiful heron in the next bay.

At twin island I turned around and meandered my way back to home. 

Along the way I thought about how incredibly lucky I’ve been; these six weeks of swimming in this place like no other.

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