Sunset at the Sandbar (Day 217)

I celebrated my last night at the lake with a beautiful sunset swim at the sandbar.

I haven’t gone for a night swim all summer nor have I made a trip to the sand bar. The sand bar is a shallow, sandy-bottomed part of the lake where, on a hot day, sometimes you can find dozens of boats anchored; people swimming, throwing balls, chatting, and living their best lake lives. We don’t have a working motorized vessel this summer and so I haven’t made the trek (it’s a lot less fun to kayak over).

But last night Captain Karen borrowed her dad’s pontoon boat, piled me and Eliza, Cam and Isabelle, Grace, other Cam, Diane, and all the dogs in, and we cruised over to the sandbar in the setting sun to have a last swim together.

On the way we ran into Moni, Glen, Scott, and Magnus (cutest dog in the universe) and corralled them into joining us. 

Scott stayed behind with the dogs, but the rest of us jumped in.

We frolicked, swam, threw a frisbee (it was a dog toy, but never mind), and luxuriated in the warm water, cool evening, waning light and tremendous beauty of Lac Louisa at sunset with great friends. 

The moon guided us back home and by the time I arrived back on my own dock, all the stars were shining.

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