Wild Swimming Doesn’t Suck (Day 263)

At my Lift and Sprint class yesterday Cynthia, who is training for the New York marathon, described a difficult run she’d had at the weekend.

“Running sucks 30% of the time,” Amy responded. “30% is okay, 30% is pretty good, and 10% is amazing. We run for that 10%.”

That seems like a bad rate of return, I thought. Swimming is amazing 100% of the time.

Then, I went to the pool yesterday and as I slogged my way back and forth, sweating from the heat and humidity, I thought, Well this kind of sucks

Colleen captured this picture of Angie and I heading into the water this morning

Angie and I arrived at the Albany Bulb this morning to calm, glassy waters, wispy clouds, and squadrons of pelicans swooping through the air. Colleen, who had just finished her swim (and who’d also hit the pool yesterday), said, “I realize I’m not addicted to swimming, I’m addicted to the daily touchpoint with nature.”

Yes, I thought. That’s the part that’s amazing 100% of the time. Being in the open water under the ever-changing clouds; being a part of nature as it swoops in and crashes over me, gently rocks or awes me. The swimming is great, but it’s only a sliver of the story. 

Angie and I swam out past the point today, alternating between taking it easy, chatting, soaking in the gorgeous morning, and swimming hard. The water was cooler than it’s been at the bulb (66), but it felt lovely. With the sun shining and the calm conditions, I felt like I could swim right on through the Golden Gate.

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