Celebrating Edy (Day 264)

At my 50th birthday swim celebration, a beaming light of a woman I’d never met before handed me a homemade crown. It was delightfully decorated and personalized and if it surprised me that a stranger would make me a 50th birthday crown, five minutes into knowing Edy, it wasn’t a surprise at all. She radiates joy and fun and today we got to celebrate her 71st birthday! 

A light rain fell as we arrived at the Albany Bulb and the remnants of sunrise clung to the dramatic clouds. On our way into the water, the beginnings of a rainbow appeared.

The water was silky calm and full of light. I let the gang go ahead (I could barely keep up with them anyway) and waited for Angie, who was late because she was baking fresh bread for the post-swim celebration. She soon motored her way out to me and we swam together, stopping periodically to chat like we do. When we finally caught up with the others they were floating in a circle beyond the point, making mermaid stars. We made some more mermaid stars, laughed, and soaked in the beautiful morning. A seal popped its head up to investigate what all of the noise was about.

Eventually, we swam back; I had to stop several times to marvel at the squadrons of pelicans flying by.

Colleen shouting hello to her pelican friends

Back at the circle, we feasted on Angie’s homemade bread, Catherine’s homemade muffins, and other delicious treats. Happy birthday, Edy!

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