Unknotting (Day 270)

It was gray at the Albany Bulb this morning, quiet and calm. Fall is here, I thought as Angie and I slid into that cool water under chilly skies.

We swam steadily through the peaceful water of the bay out to the point of the point.

My toes got numb.

I’m looking forward to the coming cold, but I’m going to miss these long swims.

When we were nearly back to shore we stopped swimming so hard and shifted into chatting. Turns out in that 45 minutes we’d each worked out several of the problems were were sharing about in the car on our way to the bulb. It’s like swimming takes the tangle of thoughts jangling in my brain, lays them out in the water where they drift and loosen, unknot.

By the time I’ve finished my swim, I’m thinking much more clearly.  

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