Rag Doll (Day 271)

The water and sky were especially beautiful today; dramatic clouds and colors smeared across the landscape that has been more monochromatic the last few days.

Angie and I joined Caz, Catherine, Margaret, and Nicola for an 8 o’clock swimmers swim straight out for 25 minutes and then back in.

The water became increasingly wavy as we went; not especially choppy waves, but the kind that feel like a swirl of energy under the water. I felt like a rag doll being pushed and pulled, tossed around.

I loved it.

And I couldn’t get enough of the clouds, the layers, the sky full of texture and light.

One thought on “Rag Doll (Day 271)

  1. When Kira, Kaushik, and Elizabeth headed out at 7:00 we had a cloudless sky – by the time we returned we had weather – it was amazing. Love the pics of this post!


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