Slow (Day 274)

Along with excellent music, Hazel and I got our booster shots at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival yesterday. We couldn’t believe it when we stumbled across the San Francisco Free Clinic booth offering boosters—we’ve been struggling to schedule ours—and jumped right on it. 

I was so glad to get it, but was feeling it today. My arm was incredibly sore and I was slightly cold and feverish. So I joined the 8 o’clock swimmers, but swam slowly and soon lost them.

Which was fine with me. I was happy to have a peaceful, slow, solo swim in the gray fog and rolling waves.

I didn’t stay very long. I was cold from the start and stayed that way throughout my swim. So I made my way back to shore after only a half hour, but it was a lovely, relaxing, rejuvenating half hour and I’m grateful for it. 

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