Chilly Water, Good Friends (Day 275)

It was a swim reunion with Arwen and Sheila this morning. Sheila left for New York the same day we swam from Alcatraz and Arwen has been so busy with work (have I ever mentioned she makes beautiful music? You should go check out Cascada de Flores) that she hasn’t had any time for swimming. It was lovely to see them both and to be in the water together. 

The chilly chilly water. Though Marcia’s thermometer insisted the temperature was 66 degrees (my thermometer died), we all agreed it felt colder.

Maybe it was the (beautiful) foggy gray skies tricking us, but after only twenty minutes my middle finger and feet went numb (those are always the first to go for me). 

We swam out to the big tree, alternating between chatting and swimming, finally just swimming when it got too chilly to keep chatting. 

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