Swimming with Friends and Seals (Day 282)

I had a lovely swim with Arwen and Sheila this morning.

We theoretically joined the 8 o’clock gang, but we dilly-dallied and went out by ourselves, which suited our need to do some chatting and catching up before putting our heads down and swimming.

It was so nice to swim together again—we were just missing Angie. It’s been a long time. The water was chilly and the skies gray, so we couldn’t chat for too long before needing to get our bodies moving.

We swam out toward the big tree until Arwen spotted my new best friend, the big gray seal. We stopped and watched it for a while, contemplating the creature as it contemplated us. Eventually, we decided to head back; Between the chatting and the seal-watching, we were getting pretty cold and so the seal seemed like a good enough incentive to turn back to shore.

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