Relentless Gray (Day 284)

I only sent yesterday’s blog post today because I stalled out on it before finishing. I think it’s getting more difficult to write in these last few days because the conditions have been relentlessly, monotonously, gray.

The days are morphing together in all of this gray and, though I am loving my swims as much as ever, by the time I’m sitting down to write my blog, I can’t pull out a salient thread.

Today Angie arrived a little late for the 8 o’clocks and so we went out by ourselves. The water was calm, but mucky. It smelt strongly of fish. We saw our seal friend again; it’s getting to be a daily occurrence and I continue to marvel at my newfound seal-chill. 

Hello, Seal!

We took some silly selfies–It’s something I’ve been trying to do every day in October for the Coldtober fundraiser. I’ve learned a lot about posting to Instagram in the process!

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