Recruiting (Day 294)

Over the course of this year, I’ve become evangelical about wild swimming. When something makes you feel as good as swimming in the open water makes me feel, you want to spread the word; recruit converts. Today, Maggie, a friend from the Point San Pablo Yacht Club (Kevin’s second home), joined us for our morning swim. 

My excitement to introduce her to our wild swimming community deflated a bit when I saw that the gray, socked-in skies were back. I was sorry there wasn’t any sun for her first time at the Albany Bulb. Then, as we made our way to the water, wading through bits of plastic and unidentifiable flotsam, I was sorry the water was in its trashy, mucky state and not at its clear, glittering best. It’s funny how attached I am to other people loving open water swimming as much as I do. I found myself making excuses. “It’s not always this murky,” I said. “You should see it when the sun shines.”

I needn’t have worried; Maggie was straight in and swimming before the rest of us had even gotten waist-high. She’s a pool swimmer and an overall water person and it showed. The water was still on the warmer side—64 today—but, the gray skies made it feel colder and we didn’t stay in very long. 

Not everyone I’ve dragged into the bay has taken to it. For some, once was enough. I understand. The pool has its merits and getting freezing cold and coated in salt and sand isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But I was happy Maggie seemed to enjoy it and predict that she’ll be back. 

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