Swimming in the Dark (Day 293)

Sheila, Angie, Kim, and I met up for a sunrise swim at the Albany Bulb today. We arrived in the darkness to discover we weren’t the only early birds: at least four lit-up buoys bobbed out in the bay and several towels, shoes, and piles of clothes littered the concrete circle. The sky was clear and sprayed with bright stars; the city and bridge twinkled in the distance. There was a cold wind, so getting in was a challenge, but once we were in the water felt silky and warm.

I forgot to bring a non-tinted pair of goggles (I always do), so between the darkness of the morning and my dark goggles, I felt as if I were swimming in the deep night. It’s such a cool feeling, swimming in the dark. There’s no need to see; the wide-openness of the water lets me swim and swim without direction or aim.  

After a while, the sky brightened and the bay glowed with the colors of the morning. 

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