Hot (Day 292)

The weather turned completely on its head and it’s like summer again. The Albany Bulb was a shimmering lagoon in the hot sun when Angie and I arrived late morning.

Charlotte joined us today, which was lovely. It’s been a long time since we swam together! We had a leisurely swim: Angie’s knee was bothering her and I was coming straight from my Lift and Sprint class, so we were very happy to chat with Charlotte as we glided along.

But, the head-up swimming meant I got a good look at the water, which was pretty dirty and unpleasant on the surface. It was clear below and had I been front crawling, I might not have noticed how trashy it was.

From a distance, though, it was all beautiful ribbons of color and light.

Oh, and since I pro used to keep track of the temperature: It was 64 degrees when we first got in and 65 degrees as we got out there. No cold water swimming today!

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