Another Stunner (Day 291)

It was another gorgeous morning down at the Albany Bulb. Sheila, Angie, and I headed out just after the spectacle of sunrise was over.

I was sad to miss it, but couldn’t complain too much as the clouds splashed across the sky in dramatic shapes and beautiful colors. Light reflected in long silky ribbons along the surface of the water.

The water felt noticeably warmer than yesterday, which makes me wonder if the sun has that much effect on the temperature. After weeks of mostly gray skies, with only pockets of sun mid-day, yesterday was bright and sunny all day long. Did that change the temperature or was it just a coincidence? Or an illusion: the sun making me feel warmer even though the water was pretty much the same? Since my thermometer battery has been kaput for weeks, I can’t really say. But today it was back in working order and registered the water at 63 degrees, so I will keep tabs on it going forward. 

In any case, it felt wonderful. And, I was all set for a good hard swim, but the beauty kept distracting me. Then I was bumped by something. In shock, I stopped swimming and lifted my goggles, spun around, thinking I’d see Angie or Sheila behind me, but they were further back. A few moments later, I saw the seal lounging a few yards ahead. Did you bump me? I asked. He wasn’t saying. 

I swam closer to Sheila and Angie after that. Pelicans swooped over us and I took lots of pictures. So much beauty out here in the bay. 

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