Soft Morning (Day 298)

Everything felt soft and lovely down at the Albany Bulb today. Angie and I arrived a little late and missed joining the 8 o’clock swimmers, so there was no pressure to hurry in. We slowly immersed, just like I like. The water temperature was 60 degrees and that two-degree difference from yesterday’s Tomales swim was striking; no chilled bones today.

The water was silky soft and filled with light. It felt especially buoyant and supportive and once we got going, I wanted to swim forever. Sunlight filtered through soft clouds, creating new patterns and colors every time I lifted my head. We ran into Caz and Shanti swimming back in and stopped to chat. 

The smell of fish was strong today, despite the clear water, and brought to mind my walrus. After writing about this imaginary friend of mine a few weeks ago, Colleen sent me this photo:

I definitely think the walrus was out there enjoying this beautiful morning with us today.

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