Brilliant Sunrise (Day 321)

This morning Sheila, Angie, and I went for an early morning sunrise swim at the Albany Bulb. What strikes me most every time I’m swimming in this magical morning hour is the way, instead of water, the bay appears to be filled with metallic light.

Silvery blues in one direction; yellow golds and amber in the other.

(These two photos were taken moments apart: In one direction, Sheila and Angie bathed in the silvery blue of twilight, looking in awe at the orange and gold of the sunrise in the other direction.)

When I’m in the water the sensation of being in a bowl full of light only intensifies. The cold (53 today) only amplifies the effect. It’s nearly other-worldly. 

Because it was so beautiful today, I did less swimming and more gawking; stopping to take pictures every other minute. I kept thinking the sky had hit the peak of brilliance and then the colors deepened; the ribbons in the water took on a thousand different tones. Getting up and out that early is hard (even for an early riser like me), but it’s so worth it. 

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