Another Sunrise (Day 322)

Yesterday was so brilliant that Angie, Sheila, and I decided to get out for an early swim again this morning. The colors were subtler today, but the dramatic clouds made up for it and, again, I found myself stopping to take pictures constantly.

The thing about sunrise is that it’s changing every second; the colors shifting, brightening, intensifying or fading, spreading out along the many-layered clouds and reflecting in the shimmering bay.

It feels like such a privilege to float along while all that magic is unfurling overhead and in the water that buoys me. To add to the wonder today, the sanderlings swooped so close it was as if they were purposefully checking us out. In less magical (and more disconcerting) wildlife news, Angie and I both felt something swim under our feet mere minutes after having seen the seal in the distance. We managed to keep our cool, though, which is a lot better than our year-ago selves could’ve said. 

By the end, the 7 o’clock swimmers were coming in and we chitchatted with them as they tested the waters.

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