Glistening, Glittering Bay (Day 326)

It was another beautiful day down at the Albany Bulb. Arwen was back!

It was lovely to swim with her again. Kim joined us and, though we planned for an earlier swim, we were slow pokes and wound up going with the 8 o’clockers. There was lots of skin today: maybe it was the sunshine?

The water remains quite cold, though (53). I thought Arwen might have to turn back after a few minutes because it has been a long time since she’s been in the cold, but she was a trooper and stayed in nearly 25 minutes. Kim shot off with the speedy 8 o’clockers and ended up going forever. Rosemary, Tonya, Lena, and Marcia rounded out the crew.

Arwen and I swam and chatted. I did a few laps after she got out and then I joined her for tea and warming up. As we were running in our warm-up circles, Kevin and Lulu surprised me! A fun morning all around. 

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