Sunshine (Day 327)

I met up with the radiant 7 o’clockers this morning: Edy, Catherine, Colleen, and Kira. They are a joyful bunch and it’s always a good way to start the day (even if in their wetsuits and flippers, they quickly swim out of sight). We whooped and hollered our way into the cold (52F) water. The screaming helps and is part of the fun. 

Today the water seemed especially beautiful. The sun was rising just as we got in and it seemed to bleed ever more into the water as the minutes passed.

Once I was able to bear to put my face in, I swam a nice, steady front crawl out beyond the little tree and each time I lifted my head to breathe, I was struck anew by the glowing, silky water. By the time I was swimming back, rays of sunlight were shooting through the water and my splashing strokes were creating little bubbles of light. Such a magical sight. There is something special about swimming through cold water while the sun blankets you in warmth.

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