Giving Thanks (Day 328)

My Dad and Yasuko are visiting for Thanksgiving and they came down to the Albany Bulb with me this morning along with Kevin, Hazel, and Lulu. Arwen and Jorge were there, too, and I felt thankful for my family, glad for their company in my happy place.

The joyful group of 7 o’clockers was getting out of the water as we arrived: Edy, Kira, Catherine and Colleen. As always, seeing those beauties fills me with gratitude. 

By 8 o’clock a big gang had gathered for a Thanksgiving swim. So many friendly faces and I’m thankful for each one of them.

Colleen had done her wet-suited mile at 7 o’clock and then stripped to skins to go out again with us at 8. Such dedication and enthusiasm pretty much sum up who Colleen is. As I swam with her and Arwen and adjacent to a dozen other merpeople, I reflected on my gratitude for this wonderful community.

Friendship and community have been the biggest joys of this year of swimming and I felt every bit of the warmth of that gift as I swam through the cold water this morning. 

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