Not Sunrise (Day 329)

My Dad wanted to take pictures of the sunrise over the bay and so we planned to head down early for a swim for me and a walk for him. However, after a busy day and night of Thanksgiving feasting, we struggled to get going this morning and didn’t get to the Bulb until after 7. 

My Dad walked while I went for a solo swim. The sunrise was still in the water and lightly painting the wispy clouds. Because I was by myself, I opted for doing laps back and forth along the shore. Laps in the bay aren’t quite so boring as laps in the pool, but it’s still kind of dull. I found myself checking my watch often. Luckily the water was lovely, softly rippling with color and light.

After my swim my Dad and I walked to warm up and watched the 8 o’clock swimmers heading out.

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