Murky (Day 331)

The air and water were both murky today. Still, calm, and like looking through several layers of filters.

The water was strewn with seaweed, sticks, and trash. It’s funny when it’s like this; I guess the currents and tides conspire to deposit all the gunk here on certain days. Not very often, luckily.

Even with the flotsam and jetsam, the hazy view of the city, it was a lovely swim. Arwen and I and a big group of 8 o’clockers in 53-degree water, glassy, but with low rolling swells. Once I was able to put my head down and swim, I barely noticed the debris.

We had a good, long (relatively speaking) swim. I’m loving the way every day makes me feel more acclimated to the cold, both in terms of being able to stay in a little bit longer and in terms of warming up more quickly afterwards. 

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