Angiefish (Day 333)

I woke up early but kept postponing my swim. First because Hazel went to bed sick last night and I wanted to wait for her to wake up to check in with her. Then, I was trying to track Angie down: She’s not been back in the water since returning from Thanksgiving and I wanted to sneak a swim in with her before her next travels. She can be a slippery one, though, a rare and elusive Angiefish you can’t pin down. Eventually, I nabbed her, and off we went to the Albany Bulb. 

It was a shining, sunny day; the bay glittering; the city crystal clear. The water was 52 degrees and it felt cold getting in with a chilly wind swirling around us. The seal popped up to say hello as we were getting in and we instinctively kept closer to the shore, swimming sideways, though we never saw the seal again. 

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