One Last Sunrise for the Road (Day 353)

Angie joined me for one last 2022 sunrise swim at the Albany Bulb. Later today I’m off to England for some much colder swims. I’ll miss this place that has brought me such joy this year and was glad she saw me off with such magnificence this morning.

Each sunrise swim is a surprise. Angie described it as “a gift you haven’t opened yet.” Every single time it’s different and I make the drive down Marin with growing excitement about how this day’s break will unfurl. 

Today was a brilliant burst of color just as we were getting in the chilly water (49 today). It was as if someone turned on a neon light that left oranges and reds splashing out across the dark sky.

And then it was gone; mellowed into subdued silvery pinks as we took a leisurely swim out into the mist. On our way back, Butty the seal followed us for a while and I can truly say I didn’t even feel a twinge of fear. 

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