Lazy Sunday (Day 352)

In order to accommodate World Cup Final viewing this morning, Arwen, Sheila, Kim and I met for a swim at the Albany Bulb at 10:30. Except for evening swims, it was the latest any of us have gone for a dip at the bulb. I usually opt for the Marina or Keller for mid-day swims because parking can be hard at the Bulb later in the day and the wind can be crazy. But I found a spot right away and the wind was completely calm today. And oh so sunny. The benefit of swimming later in the day is that the sun has time to warm everything up. 

Not the water. It was still cold (50). But it felt magnificent to immerse in that cold water under the warmth of the sun. Everything was incredibly calm and peaceful.

The city was obscured by fog (smog?) and so it felt like swimming into oblivion. Even the birds were mostly just sitting on the water, relaxing. Between the late start and the relaxing swim, it felt like a perfect lazy Sunday. 

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