If my watch died, did I even swim? (Day 195)

 I woke up super early this morning to drive Hazel’s friend back to the airport—a trip I had just made the night before to pick up Kevin. (Yay! Kevin’s home! I’m very happy to have 3/4 of us under the same roof again…now I’m just counting the days until Eliza joins us). 

A picture of a different day of Adult Swim because I didn’t bring my phone today

After all of that airport driving, I was very glad to find myself arriving back at the lake in time for Adult Swim (nearly—I was a little late). My body—cramped and sedentary for the last two hours—celebrated being in the water; reveling in each stretch and kick, the floating freedom of not being confined in a car. 

At one point my watch died and I felt my motivation to make any kind of a goal fizzle out like a leaky balloon. Am I even swimming anymore if my watch isn’t recording it? I’m kidding (mostly), but I do notice how attached I am to that little ping that tells me how far I’ve gone (even though I know it is often wrong). 

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